My Hair Care Routine and my Top 5 Recommended Products to Make Your Hair Look Great

Sunshine & Lullabies Hair Care

I always get compliments on my hair, and as a hairstylist, I think it’s pretty much a must to have good hair. I wouldn’t trust someone with bad hair to do mine! So I thought I’d share my hair care routine, some tricks and my top 5 favorite products with everyone. There are definitely some tips and tricks to having good hair but the most important things are good products, a good stylist and preventing damage in the first place (and good hair genes sure don’t hurt).

One of the perks to being in the beauty industry is an almost unlimited selection of products to try and behind the scenes knowledge of them. And I won’t lie, I do have some extensions in my hair added for fullness. These are one of the things that I may have never tried if I wasn’t in a salon, but now that I have and that I’ve seen them change so many people’s lives, I don’t know that I could ever go back. I use Laced Hair Extensions for myself (I-tip version for the people wanting to know the method) but there are so many more options available now that are so accessible to the general public. Laced Hair and other companies even have clip-in extensions that are great for special events or a night out and so easy to use. So while I do have the extra fullness I still have to maintain the quality and color of my hair as well, extensions won’t fix everything. I really think using high quality color and lightening products makes a world of difference and store bought box color can be the absolute worst thing on your hair (don’t do it!). Another trick I love to use when I color my hair are the in salon Kerastase treatments. They may be slightly pricey but they’re so worth it and can really repair some damage! Great for all of you out there that want to rock the ombre look and aren’t the most patient with the process. With a good ombre or if you like that natural lived in highlight look (ME ME ME!) you should only have to really worry about highlighting maybe 2-3 times a year, you’ll just have to keep up your base color if that’s something you get done. That’s why a good stylist is necessary, you want someone who won’t go crazy and leave you with damaged hair and you want someone who knows about placement for maximum longevity.

Routine wise, I only wash my hair about twice a week and I usually tell my clients no more than every other day if you can help it. Dry shampoo and leave in oils are your friends people! Sometimes I’ll wear it straight for a day or two then curled for a day or two and if you see me in braids it’s definitely been a few days dirty already. Braids always seem to work best for me with slightly to pretty dirty hair, so much texture! When I curl I actually use a traditional spring loaded curling iron in a 1 1/4″ size (Hot Tools Professional Jumbo 1 Inch Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control Model No. 1181), I can do flat iron curls on everyone but myself and I love the rods but I usually burn my fingertips so I just stick to my tried and true iron. And a couple tricks on the curls are always curl away from your face and I always leave the last couple inches out so I don’t have a completely perfect finished curl. And after they’ve had a chance to cool down and set I spray the sea kissed salt spray from Pureology to mess up those fresh curls.

Sunshine & Lullabies Hair Care

Sunshine & Lullabies Hair Care

Let’s be real, you spend a lot of time and money on your hair. That definitely doesn’t mean skimp on the products! The better products you use, the better your hair condition will be and the longer your color will last if you do color.

My top 5 favorite products are:

1.  Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner- super concentrated (a little goes a long way), sulfate free and color safe (a MUST for maintaining a good color), vegan and so moisturizing. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo 8.5oz and Hydrate Conditioner 8.5 oz duo

2.  Unite Luxury U Oil- a natural thermal protector for all of you that blow-dry, curl, flat iron etc. won’t build up, use on towel dried or dry hair and a little goes a long way. I’ll even use this on days that I don’t wash to bring back that fresh hair shine. Unite U Argan Oil

3.  Kerastase Powder Bluff Dry Shampoo- smells so good! Spray at roots, goes on clear so you never have to worry about your roots looking powdery white (the WORST if you have darker hair like me). Kerastase Powder Bluff Aerosol Hair Powder-Dry Shampoo, 6.8 Ounce

4.  Pureology Sea Kissed Texture Spray for Highlighted Hair- one of the only salt free “sea salt sprays” that I’ve found that gives you those perfect messy, beauty waves. I always spray it on my fresh curls so that they don’t look too perfect. Pureology Highlight Stylist Sea-kissed Texturizer 4.2oz Unisex Salt Free Toussle Mist

5.  Pureology Strengthening Control Hair Spray- light weight, never gets crunchy and completely color safe. My favorite hairspray hands down! Colour Stylist Strengthening Control Hairspray Unisex Spray by Pureology, 11 Ounce

So that’s it, nothing too complicated but stuff I get asked all the time. Let me know if you have any questions or would be into videos on how to curl etc, I’d love to help!

xoxo, Ashley

Sunshine & Lullabies Hair Care