Here’s to 29!


Here’s to 29 years and counting! This is the birthday that I feel like everyone refers backs to. I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve heard, I’m turning 29 for the (5th,6th,7th, etc.) time! So what is it about 29? I can only imagine that’s it’s because it’s the last year of our 20’s, the carefree days that apparently go away when you turn 30 and become an “adult”. I thought that was supposed to happen at 18? haha. I’ve never really dreaded turning 30 like a lot of people I know, but I can see that it really marks a different period of your life. Family, work, relationships, saying goodbye to college days, etc. All I know is that I’m a much happier and content version of myself going to my last year in my 20’s than I was in my last year as a teen. I’ve found a career I enjoy, married the man of my dreams, and I’m about to have two beautiful babies that I’m sure will be the cause of many wrinkles and gray hairs in the future. That’s not to say that there aren’t hard days and trials, but overall I wouldn’t go back in time or change a thing.

It’s crazy, when we found out that I was pregnant again I was like soon as my birthday hits it’ll be on! That felt like I had forever and a day, but here it is, the day before my birthday and our days as a family of three our numbered. I can’t wait to see what this 29th year brings me! Wish me luck.

Happy Friday friends

xoxo, Ashley

Sunshine & Lullabies Topher Delancy Photographyphoto by Topher Delancy Photography