Someone once told me that feeling uncomfortable is a good thing because that’s where the magic happens. Being uncomfortable and trying new things brings about growth, development and helps your creativity bloom. It’s kind of funny how comfortable you can get in your routine and while that can make you feel like you’re in control it doesn’t really lead to much in the way of change. I got to get a little uncomfortable a couple of weeks ago and be a model for the day for over 25 photographers… and it turned out to be so much fun! The event was the first ever Hello Luxe Shoot-Out, which you can view it here and I was nervous going in because it was one of those things where you don’t really know what to expect. It was run so well, everyone had a blast and Bre (the woman behind the whole thing) totally nailed it. If you want to check out a ton of behind the scenes pics, video and more you have to look up #CatchMeAtLuxe on Instagram, it’s so fun!

The shoot-out was held at Marriott’s new boutique brand hotel, The Moxy Tempe and let me tell you, I want to stay here asap. The elevator is a photo booth, there’s an ironing room with the most gorgeous guy on the wall, the rooms are stunning and you literally checkin at the bar. Arcade games and the best decor round out the lobby/hangout area to make this one of the chillest hotels around.

Sunshine & Lullabies- #CatchMeAtLuxe with Shealin Ashley Photography

My favorite look of the whole event was my “date night” look that I’m already planning on wearing when Wyatt and I head up to Denver this weekend for a little getaway. The top is from ShopPinkBlush and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it… I love how I feel wearing it and that’s what really matters most of all. The jeans are my newest find and are me new go to’s for pretty much every outfit I wear. How many times a week is too many to wear the same pair of pants? I’m asking for a friend… Neutral booties, sunnies and the most versatile bag ever make this the perfect sexy date outfit that’s still comfortable to wear. P.S how cute is this coffee truck? Gypsy Cup, your ice tea was soooo good!

Sunshine & Lullabies xoxo, Ashley

Sunshine & Lullabies- #CatchMeAtLuxe with Love Audrey Photography

Sunshine & Lullabies- #CatchMeAtLuxe with Love Audrey Photography

Sunshine & Lullabies- #CatchMeAtLuxe with Love Audrey Photography

Sunshine & Lullabies- #CatchMeAtLuxe with Love Audrey Photography

Sunshine & Lullabies- #CatchMeAtLuxe with Love Audrey Photography

Top (similar) // Jeans (size down) // Booties (similar) // Sunnies // Bag

Featured photos by Love Audrey Photo linked below

Hello Luxe Co. // MOXY Tempe // Copper + Cotton // DE Photo Cinema // Mustache Pretzels // The Gypsy Cup //

Sunshine & Lullabies- #CatchMeAtLuxe with Shealin Ashley Photography

Make sure to check out the behind the scenes video too! It’s so good and makes me want to do it all over again!

And now for everyone that was involved in the 1st Hello Luxe Shoot-Out…

Bre. // @TheSentimentalMama // www.TheSentimentalMama.com

Everly Grayce // Smitholator Cookie Shop // Urban Oreganics // Brittany Garner Design // Pink + Peach // Harveys // Nixi // Decadent Macaron // Kristine in Between // Floured Cupcakes // Her Name is Mud //


Katie //@Katie_Garday //www.RaisingMyArrows.com

Alyssa // @alyssamaywilson //www.sincerelytrulyscrumptiousxoxo.com

Joanna // @MotherhoodAndMerlot //www.motherhoodandmerlot.com

Uyen // @house_of_lu //www.crewandlu.com/blog

Jenn // @thebodytypestylist //www.thebodytypestylist.com

Melissa // @stylistafitness //www.stylistafitness.com


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