Raising babies and puppies

Raising babies and puppies together, or I suppose raising a toddler and puppy together since Harper’s officially a toddler now. Easy enough right? At least I thought so even though everyone was telling me I’m nuts to even entertain the idea of getting a puppy. Wyatt and I talked a lot about it before hand because I wanted us both to be on the same page. Our old man Romeo (Bull Terrier) is unfortunately on the decline at 11 years old and Harper loooooves him, so if something happens to him I would never want Harper to be without a dog. Being around animals of all sorts while I was growing up was one of the best things ever. I can remember being surrounded by a puppy or a bunch of kittens or a horse at all times as a kid and I wouldn’t change that for anything. Plus, I wanted a fully trained dog (obedience is so so important especially around babes) by the time we have a second baby. So I did it anyway despite what everyone said cause what do they know? haha. We got a French Bulldog puppy, a little girl named JoJo and she’s 5 months old (almost 6 months now), a black brindle and seriously she’s the sweetest thing ever! We picked her up from the airport (she’s from Ohio) and all she wanted to do was give Harper kisses and curl up on my lap, winner! It’s so scary buying something sight unseen, especially an animal! But I was lucky enough that my aunt breeds frenchies and lived nearby JoJo and she checked her out for my before we went forward with her.

So on to the real stuff. Crate training is no joke when the dog barking scares the living daylights out of your baby! JoJo would start barking to be let out (if you haven’t heard a frenchie bark you don’t want to, it’s more like a scream) and then it would wake up Harper in the middle of the night and then she’s start crying hysterically which would then make Jo scream even louder. The worst merry go round ever! I just wanted off haha. So this went on for about 5-7 nights with me jumping out of bed to try and get the pup before she woke up the babe, I seriously felt like I had a newborn again. I totally thought I was prepared but no way. So after a week of this nonsense I put Jo in our bed hoping she’d sleep the rest of the night, and guess what? She did! That little stinker totally has my number because she’s been in our bed since. Are Wyatt and I happy about this? Not really, but our sleep is so important that we really don’t care. Besides, she sleeps at the end of the bed by our feet and seriously doesn’t move all night, what a bitch. Oh, and at 5 months old she wasn’t potty trained yet, so that’s been super fun (not). She’s now been here 3 weeks and it’s been getting better, I’d say 75% potty trained and sleeping through the night is definitely an improvement. As I’m writing this out, Harper’s napping and Jo’s in her crate and just started howling so we’re not quite there yet…

The one thing I didn’t expect when we brought Jo home was that Harper would get jealous. So crazy! But Harper has had me 100% to herself since the day she was born so in hindsight I really should have realized that this could happen. After the first week it seemed to go away, I just really made sure that Harper got her individual attention outside of JoJo being there too. I guess Harper And Jothis is really good prep for when we decide to have baby #2! JoJo stealing half of Harper’s toys doesn’t really help her case either but that’s just one more thing that we’ve been working on. Obedience training starts in the next month and I can’t wait! Sit, stay, lay down and come (JoJo’s worst trait is running when you call her) can’t come quick enough. Wish us luck! How early did you get another pet after you had a baby? I’d love to know!