Loneliness of Being a Stay at Home Mama and How to Beat It

Sunshine & Lullabies

One of my greatest joys and something I’m most thankful for is the opportunity to be a (mostly) stay at home mom. It’s also one of the most lonely, trying and often exhausting things at the same time. I would never take back or change this time that I’ve had with Harper and our soon to be little girl #2, watching them change from newborn to toddler is something that I know I would have regretted missing had I been working full time. Some days it’s still hard to leave to go to work, but for the most part I really enjoy working two days a week in the salon. I have a solid reason for getting dressed up, hair and makeup done, and I get to go chat with clients and friends all day. Win win situation! Plus Harper gets to play with family and Daddy while I’m at work, something that’s so good for them too. But let’s be real, there are some seriously difficult days where all I can do is countdown the minutes till Wyatt’s home. At least then there are a second set of hands to help!

Some things that I’ve found that help me on those days that seem endless are:

  • Remember, you are valuable. You are more than just doing laundry, dishes, etc. You have to remember that you are literally raising a person and if you don’t think that this is a full time job in itself, you’re nuts!
  • Make time for yourself! Sometimes the only time I truly have to myself during a week is when I leave to go to work. Maybe not the most glam thing to say but definitely the truth. And I never thought I’d value going to work as much as I do now. Other weeks I’ll be able to go get a pedicure or have a Starbucks date with myself and that’s awesome too. Friend dates are the best, even if you bring the babes with. It’s important to remember that you’re someone other than Mom. And go on dates with your hubby/partner! Even if it’s in your living room after bedtime haha (this happens more than actual dates lately). We’re about to leave for our first vacation without Harper and we’re tripping out but I know that it will be so good for us at the same time.
  • Try and keep a clean and cozy house. This is where you and your babies spend the majority of your time, it’s nice to love your home and feel good about it. I know after Harper was born that it was so hard to clean and take care of a newborn at the same time, but when the house feels dirty it makes you feel gross too. It’s amazing what opening some windows and picking up the clutter will do for your mood. And if you have a little extra money and hate cleaning, then hire someone to help. Easy! Or maybe ask family to help out a little, there are always options.
  • The last thing I try and remember (it sometimes makes me sad though), is that this time period will only last so long. There are only so many years before your kiddos start school and have their own friends. You’ll never get these moments of just you and them back. This one gets me through those super hard days! I try and cherish this time as much as I can, even when I feel like I’m going to go crazy haha.

Let me know if you have any ideas to make you feel more you!

xoxo, Ashley