Just a Little Sleep

Is there anything that parents value more than sleep when there’s a baby in the house? I know for me, if I don’t get enough sleep that I’m a total hot mess. Not even going to lie… cranky haha. I’ve talked a little bit about some good sleep habits that have helped us along the way and especially with a newborn here, but I also wanted to talk a bit about sleep as it’s related to older babies and setting up good routines and habits for them. One plus side on setting up good habits for your babes is that when your schedule changes a bit or you’re out of town and the scenery is different, most likely they’re still going to sleep. Yay for that! We just got home from our Disneyland California trip and I won’t lie that I was pretty nervous about all four us sharing a room, but between our bedtime routine staying the same and our daily exhaustion we all slept great.

Sunshine & Lullabies Sleeping with DockATot

To us, the most important part of all of this is consistency. We do the same thing every night and we always try to start around the same time. Bath time starts right around 730, we get the girls dressed and ready for bed, read 2 books, Indy gets her last bottle while Harper rocks with Daddy and then they both go to bed around 8-830 whether they’re asleep or not. One other thing that I think has helped a ton is using the DockATot. For those of you who don’t know DockATot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger. They’re made in Europe, designed in Sweden, breathable, OEKO-TEX certified, all natural, and 100% cotton. We started using the Deluxe size (recommended for 0-9 months) when Indy was about 3 weeks old and we actually just switched her to the Grand size (recommended for 9-36 months) at 9 months old so that she has a little more room to move. As a tiny babe, the DockATot “cuddles” them so they don’t end up waking themselves by moving a ton. It’s also perfect for transitioning for cosleeping (which we did for the first 3 months) to going into the crib; she never even missed us because her bed basically stayed the same. We also have brought it with us on vacations and she slept like a log while we were just in California. I wish we would’ve had it for when Harper transitioned to her big girl bed last year. I seriously can’t recommend it enough!

Here’s the list of the things that I believe are the most important for good sleep…

  1. Be consistent! Whatever routine you want to go with, stick to it.
  2. Bath time nightly is good for us. The warm water settles the girls down even though we don’t soap every time.
  3. Read. This is a personal thing for me because I think that nowadays that reading isn’t valued as much as it used to be. I was raised to love reading and I want my girls to love it as much as I do.
  4. Don’t get too crazy or silly and keep the lights down low. Wyatt installed dimmers in all of our bedrooms and I’m a total fan! It’s made a difference for the kids and us too. Who wants to look at bright lights when you’re trying to wind down for the night.
  5. Put your babe down sleepy but awake. This one is so hard with a younger baby but we transitioned to this around 6-7 months and it has helped so much. We did this with Harper too and she’s seriously the best sleeper ever.

When did your kiddos start sleeping through the night consistency? Do any of you guys use the DockATot? I’d love to hear what you think about it!

xoxo, Ashley

Sunshine & Lullabies Sleeping with DockATot

Sunshine & Lullabies Sleeping with DockATot

Even big sisters like it and try to steal it constantly!

Sunshine & Lullabies Sleeping with DockATot

Chevron Grand DockATot c/o DockATot

  • I agree completely! Routine is vital! I love the idea of putting dimmers in all the rooms. I’ll have to look into that. And I so want a DockATot. All I’ve heard is good things baout it.

    • AshleySAL

      Dimmers were a total game changer for us, we love them! We even put one in our bedroom so we can dim the lights while we get ready for bed. DockATot is a total must, I was a huge skeptic but our girls love them. xoxo Ashley