Barn Door Baby Gate DIY

Baby gates are kind of ugly, let’s be honest! So when our Frenchie puppy (who turns 1 next week) started stealing Harper’s toys out of her room and the playroom we decided the only way to keep her out was to put a gate of some sort up. We even have  baby gate from our old house that we just felt super blah about, plus it always had to be closed and there was no option to have it stay open. And then I found plans on Pinterest for a barn door gate via Remodelaholic  and it was the perfect solution! Functional but so pretty. Now both the kiddos rooms are unavailable to the pups, just in case either of them gets the bright idea to steal some stuffed animals or have a little on purpose accident in the house.

Barn Door Baby Gate DIY Sunshine & Lullabies

We decided to go with a white door to match the rest in our house with black hardware and I’m totally in love with how it turned out. The building part was pretty straight forward and we followed the instructions pretty much to the letter; however, the hardware ended up being a little tricky and took a lot of moving around to make it work just right in our space. We also skipped putting the “cap” piece along the top of the door so that it would lay completely flush against the wall when open. It took a few days just waiting for paint to dry etc. but overall it was a fairly quick turnaround. I figured out the total cost and with a new quart of paint (Sherwin Williams Snowbound), the wood (pine), and the hardware we ended up spending just about $70. We were left with extra paint which is fine because it matches all our indoor doors as well as our cabinets so it’s great to have it for touchups! And now I can Craigslist the old gate that I’m not really in love with., win-win.

Barndoor Baby Gate DIY S&L

Back of Barn Door Baby Gate DIY S&L

Sunshine & Lullabies Best Day Ever

Sunshine & Lullabies

(a little sneak peak into Harper’s room down the hall, hopefully doing a post on that soon!)

I would say that this is our last DIY project for a little while, but really I know I’ll think up something for Wyatt to work on before we know it! Do you have any projects you’re looking forward to doing in your home soon?

xoxo, Ashley